FlickType Container app not working on my iPhone 8


Hi List,


I'm running iOS 13.3 on my iPhone 8 and in the process of looking into Luke's and Paula's issue, I attempted to open my FlickType Container app. When I did, my screen was totally frozen with Voiceover speaking nothing on the FlickType screen. Voiceover did speak the topline status bar but that was it. I removed FlickType from the Apps switcher and then opened the FlickType Classic app and got the same result. I then uninstalled the FlickType Classic app thinking it might be the problem since it predates the Container app but this caused no change. I also did a hard reset of my iPhone with no change in the Container app freeze. I'm hesitant to uninstall and reinstall the Container app since my FlickType Keyboard is working perfectly. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Alan Lemly

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