Re: iOS 13.3 and flicktype across the system


When you have a keyboard open, find the button on the bottom left of the screen to switch keyboards. Double tap this button and hold it. Then slowly slide your finger up the side of the screen and see if if begins to give you additional keyboards you can choose from. If you hear flick type, release your finger and you'll have it. To switch keyboards when flick type is active, slide up with one finger like you would slide down to close the keyboard. It will switch you to the next keyboard.

On 12/18/2019 5:13 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Thanks Chuck, but that was the first thing I tried when I noticed it not working.
Have done so at every new trouble shooting step since then, just in case.
It definitely claims to see my annual subscription, and all of the keyboard options under settings are still there, but the keyboard never appears.


On Wed, 18 Dec 2019, Chuck Dean wrote:

Hello Luke,
Did you try to restore your purchase in the container app?
After I updated to one of the 13.1 build, for some reason Fliktype didn’t recognize that I had purchased the subscription.
I went into the container app, double tap an upgrade, and in the upper right hand corner is a button that says restore. When it came back, it said that I
had already subscribe to the app, but then the app worked.
Try it, it may work.
Chuck  (mobile)

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