Re: iOS 13.3 and flicktype across the system

Luke Davis

Well, my experience so far, is that Flicktype doesn't work at all in other applications in iOS 13.2.3.
I even disabled it as a third party keyboard, and re-enabled it.

Haven't tried in iOS 13.3 so far, but I'm upgrading to that now and will report back.

I will try uninstalling it completely next, and re-installing it. After that I guess I cancel my subscription.

I tried to contact support, but since the in-app contact support method just goes to this list, which bounces unless you have a subscription, I gather there is no active support from the company.


On Sat, 14 Dec 2019, Daniel McGee wrote:

Hi all, with the subject line of my message being the topic. It is my understanding that the flicktype container works quite well on the latest version of ios. Heel free to correct me if I'm wrong here.

However, how is the state of using the keyboard across the operating system as a whole and typing in applications. Is it more reliable now or are there still problems with 13.3 and the FlickType keyboard?

Thanks in advance for any feedback, positive or negative in sharing your experiences with the keyboard. I know, one shouldn't get attached to an application but I can't help it in this case. I rely on it too much for my typing needs.☺️


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