Re: iOS 13.3 and flicktype across the system

Chuck Dean

Hello Eileen,
Fliktype is working fine in 13.3. As I said before I have no problems with it, except for a little bit of navigation problem in the iOS native mail app. But this problem has been going on for quite some time. I can navigate by using the rotor and selecting words and flicking right and left, but the three finger and two finger swipes right and left don’t seem to work well in FlickType in the Mail app.

Otherwise it’s working fine!

Chuck  (mobile)
Pleez x cuze enny tie ping or spelin air ores.

On Dec 15, 2019, at 1:36 PM, Eileen Misrahi <eileen.misrahi@...> wrote:

Hello All,

Thanks Gordon for confirming that FlickType is working well in 13.3. I haven't yet upgraded to it yet, but about to. Chuck, I'm also waiting to hear your thoughts of the app working with 13.3. Thanks for the input

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