Re: Any better results with FlickType keyboard and iOS 13.1.2?

Chuck Dean

Hi Paula,
As I remember it, having words selected in the keyboard feedback settings was problematic for some of the FlickType features, especially when beta testing so many of us have it set to nothing.
I am noticing a few minor glitches, even with the container app with words selected, but nothing that I can't work around.

I said earlier, I am using the container app and loving it.😎👍

I do a lot of editing in my typing, and I am finding the container app is great for this. 

Chuck  (mobile)
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On Oct 6, 2019, at 1:35 PM, Paula Page <fairyhugs@...> wrote:

 Hi Chuck, I have my voice-over set to that setting anyway, so I guess that’s why I haven’t been having too many problems. I am glad you are finding this a reasonable workaround for now.


On 6 Oct 2019, at 16:39, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

Hello Paula,
I have found that I can go to VoiceOver settings, then to typing, then to typing feedback and turn on Words, I can Use FlickType and almost all the functions are working. The Words are spoken when flicking right, but not the punctuation. It is a little sporadic, but it does work.                                                        

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On Oct 6, 2019, at 7:28 AM, Paula Page <fairyhugs@...> wrote:

No, I’m using it in apps like WhatsApp, email, messages, and so on. It doesn’t work properly, but it is no worse since iOS 13.1.2.


On 6 Oct 2019, at 01:14, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

Hello Paula,
Are you using FlickType in the container app, the flicktype app has not been effected by the iOS update.

The problem is when typing onboard in other apps, i. e. Doing a Google search or making a Yelp entry. After typing a word, the word is not spoken after swiping right.   

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On Oct 5, 2019, at 4:33 PM, Paula Page <fairyhugs@...> wrote:

It’s working fine for me in iOS 13.1 .2, at least no different from iOS 13.1.


On 5 Oct 2019, at 20:24, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

Hi Alan,
FlickType is broken in iOS 13.1.2!
My iPhone updated without asking me and now I can not use FlickType in other apps.
Flicktype in the container app works perfectly. This is what I am using to type this email.
My advice... Do not update!   

Chuck  (mobile)
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On Oct 5, 2019, at 9:57 AM, Alan Lemly <walemly@...> wrote:

Hi List,


I've delayed updating from iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 13.x due to issues with third party keyboards and Voiceover users. Now that iOS is on its fourth iteration since September 19th can anyone running iOS 13.1.2 comment on your results with it and FlickType?


I need to start learning iOS 13 but as I do most of my iPhone input with FlickType, I'm not ready to sacrifice that functionality if FlickType still isn't working with the latest iOS 13 release.


Thanks in advance.


Alan Lemly

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