Re: Test message to Flicktype subgroups and former group address


Hi List,

Okay, I'm still scratching my head a bit. I posted the below message as
explained in order to test posting to the subgroups. I got back three
Delivery Status Notification Failure messages from the Mail Delivery
Subsystem for each message sent to alpha, beta, and hello followed by The failure message contained the following:

Message not delivered

Your message couldn't be delivered to because the
remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more

The response from the remote server was:

510 5.1.1 Your email address,, is not subscribed to that

However, the cc: sent to did come through as the below
message I believe to which I'm now replying. I'm confused because the To:
address in this message to which I replied is
which didn't seem to work when I typed it in directly. I don't believe I
made a typo but anything is possible.

Hopefully, Kosta or Ashley or someone with more experience with subgroups in can chime in with some guidance.

Alan Lemly

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Of Alan Lemly
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2018 9:12 PM
Subject: [flicktype] Test message to Flicktype subgroups and former group

Hi List,

I'm still learning about subgroups on but I'm testing sending a
message to the new alpha and beta subgroups Kosta wrote about earlier today.

I'm not sure if we have to join these subgroups or if everyone already in
the main FlickType group was automatically added. I also am unclear why the
former <> address no longer
works since it was the master group but Kosta's message below seems to imply
that general group messages should go to <> which sounds like another subgroup.

This test message was sent to the three subgroups of alpha, beta, and hello
in the To: field and to the original main group of flicktype in the CC:

field in order to see what happens.

Alan Lemly

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