Re: FlickType question or suggestion

Callum Stoneman

Personally I feel the responses to this have been quite harsh, it is very easy to miss messages. Do you guys really check the mailing list of every app you use before updating iOS? Anyway, I'll try offer some helpful suggestions here...
If you go into settings, accessibility, VoiceOver, typing feedback and set software keyboards to echo words, it works slightly better. It will read the words you typed once they're inserted, but it will not spell the words or announce words as you delete them, and you cannot use manual typing. If this still isn't good enough for you, then yes, I'd cancel your subscription for now and start it again once this issue has been fixed. In the meantime, if you go into the FlickType app and use the keyboard under the ”type” tab, it works absolutely fine. You will then have to either copy and paste the text where you want it, or export it directly to the app you want to send it to if supported.
Hope this helps.  

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