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I have no issues of Voiceover being sluggish in any way on my iPhone 8 with the iOS 13.1 beta. If anything everything feels a bit faster, e.g. opening apps, bring up the app switcher etc.

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Good to know, thanks. Hopefully beta testers have been letting Apple know of these issues

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IOS 13.1 has multiple issues. I tried it last night, but quickly returned to 12.4.1. There is a choppy affect when typing that sounds similar to trying to connect a speaker wire and the connection going in and out as you get it in place. for example: when using the main keyboard and exploring, the letter U sounds like U, however when you lift your finger to type that U, it sounds like oo. The same thing with the letter C. So this can really throw you off when typing and the C sounds like an E when you lift your finger to type it. This is really bad when using Samantha, but not so bad when using Alex. But typing is still very slow even if you're pretty efficient with the keyboard. It just feels like voice over lags no matter what you're doing. It felt really good to get back on 12.4.1. So I would strongly recommend not updating until this stuff gets fixed. I'm all about upgrading, but this is simply not ready in my opinion.

On 9/14/2019 4:36 AM, Eileen Misrahi wrote:
Hello Kostla and Ashley,

As others have stated already, I want to thank you for all of your hard work in developing this keyboard for the blind community in resolving the task of word processing on the iPhone. It has definitely improved my ability to compose and respond to all types of tasks. Family and health always comes first. So Ashley, you are in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. You need to get your strength back to tackle and balance the responsibilities of being mom and work.

On another note, a heads up from another developer warning not to upgrade to iOS 13.1. He has heard from multiple sources that VoiceOver is the bug that will not work with 3rd party keyboards. He stated that his app is working just fine, but not VoiceOver.

Again, I wish all the best to both of you and you have my total support.

Warmest regards,

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