Re: Annual subscription

JP Shandra <blindambition777@...>

I too would be willing to pay more. Not sure how iOS will hinder third party keyboards in future. Especially with current VO issues.
I wish Ashley continued recovery and good health. Your work is appreciated Kosta. I know running FlickType is more a labor of love. Having a limited community has its challenges. I do thank you for that.
I myself will continue to support. Until Kosta says he can do no more. It’s developers like this who try to give equal access. For that, I will do what I can. Even with fewer updates.

On Sep 12, 2019, at 7:40 PM, Tangela M. <tangela.m.m@...> wrote:

I would be willing to increase my monthly/yearly payment to keep this alive, if that ends up being an option others would also agree to.

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