Re: Upcoming pricing changes

Mark Davies

I agree that the app is very useful, and I realise that there are many
people out there who are willing and able to pay $30 or higher for it,
but we have to remember that many many blind and visually impaired
people are not in work, and so for them this could represent a
significant expense.
I'm sure that most people wouldn't want to price them out of this
amazingly helpful app.
My suggestion would be for a 'reasonable' base price and the option to
provide on-going payments, either via a subscription or a "tip jar" in
the app which can be used to make one-off payments to the developer.
I completely understand the need (and right) of the developer to make
a living from the income from this app, and so my intention is to
suggest a middle ground that can keep the developer, and all the users


On 22/11/2018, Robert Kingett <> wrote:
Once Patreon becomes more accessible, perhaps you could offer perks through
that service. I'd say $20 would be good for a one time fee or even $40. I
looked through the app developer guidelines and I just don't get how you
guys are breaking rules? Can't Apple see that by releasing updates as often
as you do, this is actually making you compliant with their guidelines?
Section 3.1.2 of the App Store Review Guidelines states: "Apps may offer
auto-renewing in-app purchase subscriptions, regardless of category on the
App Store." It also goes on to state that "you must provide ongoing value to
the customer" and that "examples of appropriate subscriptions include:
[...], apps that offer consistent, substantive updates;". In my book, you
guys are doing that, hands down.

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