Re: Sending text to Facebook, Twitter, or via text message


Paula and Dave,

You can also accomplish ease of transfer of your FlickType output by turning on the copy and clear on exit setting which right now is the first one in the behavior section. Then, after you type the text you want to copy to Facebook or some other app, you just go to that app in your App Switcher or launch it and paste your copied text into the appropriate text box. FlickType will have automatically copied your text when you left it and went to the other app and when you return to FlickType, the input area is clear again ready for your next typing session. This saves considerable time as there is no need to go to the menus after typing.

Happy FlickTyping.

Alan Lemly

On Apr 8, 2018, at 9:58 AM, Dave <> wrote:

Hi Paula,

to export your text to Facebook or Twitter etcetera.

after you have written your text.

flick up with 2 fingers, and it should say menu.

swipe, until you find the export option you wish to post to, and double tap.


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Hi, I am a new member here. :) I’ve just downloaded the Flicktype beta. With the original Fleksy, you could send text directly to Facebook, Twitter, or via text to anyone in your contacts, but I cannot work out how to do this now. Can anyone tell me if this is still possible, and how to do it?


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