To upgrade from version 3.4 #206 to version 4.1 or not?


Hi Ashley and Kosta,


I hope Baby Theodore is settling in and letting you get some sleep. My first son was very colicky and I made it my task to walk him around and sing to him to calm him down. If I sang the theme to Gilligan's Island once, I must have sung it a thousand times. We won't dwell on whether it was helpful or made things worse.


I'm currently running version 3.4 #206 of the Flicktype Keyboard on my iPhone 8 with iOS 12.1. I'm not a fan of upgrading apps when they are doing what I need and I have to confess that I'm no longer downloading any Flicktype versions other than what's available from the Apps Store. I don't have an Apple Watch and I use the full screen version of the Flicktype Keyboard.


With the above in mind, can you comment whether the version 4.1 will offer me anything new without my giving up anything? I realize that one can't stay on old versions of apps forever but I've come to learn that timing one's upgrades can be beneficial.


Thanks for anything you can share.


Alan Lemly

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