Re: Dictionary question

Jean-Philippe Rykiel

hello Ashley,

thank you for your reply. The thing is, I don't see how this words Could have popped into the list As they are French words, and I am sure I did not write them inflict type at all. Nor did I add them manually in the text I was typing with flick type. The only thing that could have happened, is that I may have Started to write in French, and found that flick type was on, but then I immediately switched to the French keyboard. With that affect the dictionary?

That's intriguing isn't it.

Best regards,


Le 16/11/2018 à 03:27, FlickType a écrit :
Hi JP,

Thanks for the message. Yes, we look at all the words at the end of the typing session, and sometimes this may include pre-existing words (eg when you edit something). Is this an issue for you?


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