Problems with latest FlickType Keyboard 3.4 #206 downloaded from Apps Store


Hi Ashley, Kosta, and List,


I've pretty much been sticking to the FlickType Keyboard version available in the Apps Store in order to enjoy continuity with how the app works. I upgraded this morning to version 3.4 #206 and it seems to be a bit of a pig's breakfast as compared to the version I upgraded from . Specifically, I've noticed these issues when typing in a new message text field:


1.   Instead of announcing the word just typed with my set high quality voice, it is using the compact version of my default voice. However, if I flick down to select another word, the announced word is spoken with the high quality voice. This is most distracting and I'd prefer that everything be spoken with my default high quality voice.

2.   When I swipe again to place a period after the last word in a sentence, the last word is spoken again as opposed to period being spoken.

3.   The single finger swipe up and hold to switch keyboards doesn't seem to be working as consistently as in the previous version.


I did reset my keyboard after updating to this latest version and I'm using an iPhone 8 running iOS 12.01.


If there are any settings I can do to correct the issues listed above, I'd love to know what they are. Otherwise, can you please address the issues in a future release?




Alan Lemly

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