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Field, S. (Scott)

Hi Ashley
When you type out a plain text email such as the FlickType beta emails, all works perfectly, but if I reply to an email that was sent in html i.e. has the footer logo present, fancy fonts, etc, then FlickType simply doesn't work, types garbage, backspace doesn't work, says it is at the beginning of document when it isn't, etc.
It is hard to figure out exactly what the list of bugs are, I think the fact that it is not functional with rich text/html based emails is the key. I just tested replying to an HTML based email using my gmail app and found that typing was ok, but backspacing wouldn't delete all the typed text either, so there certainly seems to be something up with HTML based emails.
Sorry I can't be more specific. If you don't find the issue, I will put out an exact use case and send you the results.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for bringing this issue up. Would you mind reminding us exactly what you're experiencing with Outlook? This issue has been reported a couple of times and I believe changed slightly over the weeks, so a refresher is much appreciated.



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