Re: What is that feature called?

Daniel McGee

Hi all

No, predictions are not what I ment.

To use the word: impossible as the example.

If one typed out the following letters of this word manually: i m p o. Then followed this up with the tap typing method, with fleksy and the flicktype classic app, to complete the word. You will find that the word is completed. However, do this with the new FlickType app and in any app that contains text and part manual typing of a word doesn't auto complete to your nearest guess.

Does this makes sense to everybody?

This is sort of handy in situations where: you know the beginning spelling of a word and by making a reasonable guess of the rest of the respective word that you have trouble spelling, I have found that more often than not, the word to turn out correct with a combination of: part manual entry / tap typing the rest of it out.

Again, hoping this is further understood because it's the best I can do in describing it out for everyone to understand the concept.

Kind regards


On 16 Oct 2018, at 20:05, FlickType <> wrote:

Thanks, Sieghard, I agree with your preference. When touch typing on the iOS keyboard it is mostly faster to have the predictions above the keyboard, but with FlickType's way of typing without waiting for the feedback of the letters, the predictions above the keyboard would mostly slow a user down in comparison.

Is this what you're referring to Daniel? Or are you referring to something different than word prediction? For long words and emails, you can set up shortcuts in the iOS settings that work with FlickType. For long words, or things that you have to touch type like email addresses, these shortcuts do save lots of time. Please let me know if you want instructions on how to use this feature. You don't even have to touch type, you can enter the first few letters without waiting for the letter announcements and flick right for the email address to be automatically filled in.


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