Some bugs iPhone 7

ana Karina Velázquez Villalobos

Dear Costa and Ashley:

Greetings from Mexico.

I have reported before some difficulties we, Spanish speakers have
with the app, especially with special characters, so I would like to
do it again in a more specific way, now that I have enough time to do

1. When manually entering a new word, special characters are missing,
particularly accentuated vowels such as Á (capitalized aa acute), í
(capitalized and low I acute), ú (capitalized and low u acute) É
(capitalized E acute), and Ó (capitalized o acute).

2. Another missing character is the Ñ/ñ which is an N with a
horizontal line over it, and this character can’t be typed manually
because it doesn’t exists on the Flicktype keyboard.

3. Another bug I have noticed, and has been appearing since many
versions ago, is when you type a long sentence in a texting field or a
text with new-line-spaces; if you dismiss the keyboard, and then try
to edit that text field again, just like the first 6 words remain as
you move the cursor with the two-fingers gesture, and you can’t access
to the other part of the typed text, making it absolutely impossible
to edit, and don’t know why but sometimes when you edit one of this
first typed words, a lot of strange things happen; for instance, if
you suppose to erase any of these words and type new ones, then when
you dismiss the keyboard, the new word and the erased word both appear
in the text field, and the remaining text that you initially typed,
disappear for voiceover.
Notice that I use voiceover all the time and have to say that this
bugs happen for voiceover, and can’t tell you if visually the things
are different.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Best regards,


Ana Karina Velázquez


Hi Karina,

Thank you for taking the time to write us. We appreciate you taking the time to elaborate more and the bugs with Spanish, we will be addressing these before we add any other languages, but will only one engineer we're not sure when exactly these fixes will be out.

As for the final issue, we're aware of the issue with only a few words being available to edit after returning to previously typed text. Unfortunately, this is a shortcoming of iOS and nothing we're able to do on our end to make more of the text editable. For both erased words and new words both appearing after deleting words, can you please expand on this? Can you please provide instructions on how to reproduce this issue?