Initial Thoughts Build 65

Brandon Cross

I am impressed so far with the integration of the system wide keyboard. It is very nice to type on. I like how the words are shown as large as they can be shown visually on the screen, and auto size to fit more if a word is longer. I like how the letters become red when you delete, giving visual, auditory as well as haptic feedback. And the app is just as responsive in this mode as a system wide keyboard as it is when in the app, with the exception of when you first load the keyboard. I wonder if a short sound could be played, even just a slight tick or something to let you know its finished loading or initializing. I also wonder if there's a way to cache it so that this little delay doesn't occur each time, but that's a minor issue.

I do wish that the keyboard were shown as in the app. The reason being is that I do have enough vision that I can use the visual keyboard to sort of orient, even though I can't read the letters unless I get very close to the screen, I can still see the rows and so forth. Again, a minor thing. I also wish that when I re-ordered the keyboard so that Flicktype is before all other keyboards in the list, it would load up by default. I get that might be some sort of Apple contingency though, seeing as how I have not used a third party keyboard on an iPhone before testing Flicktype, I wouldn't know.

Overall impressions, I am very impressed with it. Once some more features get added into the system wide keyboard, such as being able to save words, make capitalizations and so forth, it will be very good indeed.