Re: Second crash fix included with new build #282


Hi Kosta,

Thanks for coming out with this wonderful app.
I would like to bring it to your attention a problem I face while using flick type, in WhatsApp.
I am giving below the steps to reproduce in iPhone 8 plus running IOS 13.5.1

1. Type a message in a chat and hit the send button.
2. Continue to type the second message, after entering the first word and swiping right, voice over will read the earlier message sent instead of the word entered.

Kindly fix this issue.

With regards.


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Sent: 09 July 2020 01:33
Subject: [FlickType-beta] Second crash fix included with new build #282

Hi all,

The latest beta (build #282) includes another important crash fix for the iOS keyboard. If you can't access the beta for any reason, you can sign up here:


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