Re: Build 273

Salman Haider

Hi Kosta,

My question is related to usage of Flicktype within apps on iOS, and
not the Watch as I don't own one. I wanted to ask about the "Almost
Full Screen, Workaround" option; I notice that that was removed in
this beta. As you are aware, this was included to prevent crashes in
apps like Whatsapp and Messenger for instance.
These are the apps that I use Flicktype the most in, in addition to
Mail and Messages.
At the time this option had been included, it had been done after days
and days of effort on your part, and feedback from users like myself
who use Flicktype in these had been concluded that there
really was no solution to the problem apart from making the keyboard
slightly smaller even in Full Screen mode.
My question is, has the issue been resolved completely, so much so
that this option is no longer necessary? I would hate for me to not be
able to use Flicktype in any of these apps in Full Screen mode and
begin experiencing these crashes again.
Can you please shed some light on this and share why the option was
removed? Flicktype is critical in my everyday use of iOS devices, as
it is for a lot of other users, so I really hope that removing this
option doesn't cause the issues as it did previously.



On 6/4/20, FlickType <> wrote:
Hi all,

Please let me know if build 273 works better on Apple Watch. Note that the
new "Slide to Type" feature is not very usable yet for VoiceOver users, so
you might want to turn it off from the FlickType app on your iPhone.

Also note that you can now dismiss the keyboard with a flick down to preview
and send your text. As a reminder, to change suggestions on the watch you
can use the Digital Crown.

If anyone is experiencing any crashes, please let me know.

Thank you,

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