Re: Build 152


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your message. We will be adding a full emoji keyboard, the current 10 is a shortcut for favorite emojis, which will also remain after we add the full emoji keyboard. We're working on implementing a half-screen version so you can interact with the app, but for now you have to dismiss the keyboard to press send or switch to next keyboard for the full emoji keyboard. The reason for the delay with the half-screen is due to a conflict with VoiceOver that we're actively trying to figure out a workaround for.


On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 02:11 AM, Gerald Mader wrote:

Is there anyway that you can extend the emoji's from 10 emoji's to 20 or 30?
10 of them is not enough! I use more than 10 and it's harder to send messages
on the iMessage app because flick type does not let you get to the send
button. Is there anyway to fix that? Thanks

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