Re: Best way to install a stable version of Flicktype


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the message here, we want to make sure it's clear in case we didn't explain ourselves properly on your other post: there's nothing on our end that we can do to control when Apple prompts for a sign in and whether you'll experience this again when trying to install FlickType from the App Store. It sounds like you're attempting to download FlickType from the App Store over the beta, which is the only way of transferring from the beta version to the App Store version. Anytime a user downloads something from Apple's App Store there's a chance they will ask for a sign in or whatever other requirements they may have for App Store users, just as they asked me a few days ago to sign in when I attempted to listen to a song on Apple Music. If you're not comfortable with that you are more than welcome to remain on the beta, but of course, the tradeoff is that the beta is not as stable as the App Store versions of FlickType.

Hope this helps,

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