Re: problem with flicktype and team talk

Mohammad Aloufi <moh8281@...>

Hi Ashley,
I am not sure about how helpful this info I'm about to give to be honest, but since the result is the same, I thought you might want to look at it when you get tt working, even if you didn't, may be it will reveal something about the bug.
So basically, tt is having the same problem with a lot of things, not just flick type, when I open a voice message, the team talk sounds all fade out, same with opening youtube videos.
But I didn't expect the same problem would be happening with flick type because of the fact that standard keyboard sounds doesn't cause the same problem when typing in other apps while having team talk opened in the background.
I am guessing in the end it comes out to how ios unfortunately handle's the audio.

On 12-Aug-18 6:01 PM, FlickType wrote:
Hi Mohammad, Paula,

We've had another report of an issue with TeamTalk as well. I'm not sure what the issue is, whether it's the fact that FlickType cannot use dictation due to Apple's limitations with 3rd party keyboards, or whether it's because TeamTalk and FlickType are using audio in the same way and therefore cancels out TeamTalk's audio. I tried to run a test but I wasn't able to get TeamTalk to work for me at all, even with the standard keyboard. If either of you have a hunch that it's one issue or the other, please do let us know as it may help us identify the problem.


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