Lost text in build 136

David Nason

Hi Kosta,

I have just lost all my text twice when trying to type a reply to the build 136 email, plus was doing some testing of the changes to spaces when using quotation marks at the same time.
At about 14:04 and 14:07, having typed some text into the email body, I then performed a swipe up and hold to switch keyboard. FlickType made some kind of announcement I didn't quite catch, but FlickType stayed on screen. I then switched away from it successfully, only to find that all my text was gone.

It seems that the changes to the quotation marks are causing the problem. I entered the above text and switched keyboard no problem, then I opened FlickType again within this sane email, typed a couple of sentences with quotation marks in them, did the switch keyboard gesture, and I got the crash and lost text again.