First line of text replacement, bug

Rocco Fiorentino

Hi All,

I think I just was able to reproduce a bug that someone was talking about a few days ago, maybe Chuck? I wrote a text in Messages with the FlickType keyboard, then dismissed the keyboard, and realized that a word in the beginning of the message was wrong. I went back into FlickType to try and edit, but it only saw the last 3 words in the text, "call me later." I then exited Flicktype again, and went to the top of the message by double tapping the text field twice, thinking this would somehow refresh Flicktype’s recognition of what was already present in the text field. However, Flicktype instead replaced the first few words of the text, the one’s I was trying to fix in the first place, with "call me later."

Not sure if this makes sense, or how else to describe this, but just wanted to let you know. I’ll try and reproduce it again to be sure.

Thanks so much,