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Hi Kosta, Ashley and team,

I really like the option to customize the emojis. I can see myself using this frequently😝. I've managed to add the one with the tongue their, but tried adding a random one before that, the orange heart, and it showed in the list of 6 no problem in the settings, but wouldn't appear whilst typing and flicking up from the full stop, stopping at the fifth one before. Any ideas?

Just a small addition to the welcome tab, you haven't mentioned the two fingers swipe left and right to navigate by words.

Thank you for the FlickType classic idea of the stand alone app by the way. I will certainly use both as we progress. One of the main reasons for this is due to a known bug in Facebook messenger. If you are typing to someone, regardless of which keyboard you are using, and if you don't finish the message and hit send but instead come out of the app for a call or whatever reason, messenger will crash. Upon restart, you can type to any other user as normal but if you try to return to the friend with the half typed message then it will crash again. This only happens with VoiceOver on. Besides the extreme fix of deleting and re installing the app, the only way around it is to turn voiceover off, use the force to locate the friend you were typing to and press their name to re enter the conversation, then turn VoiceOver back on. A bizarre one I know. Apologies this is slightly off topic but I just wanted to explain my reasons for still using the classic app sometimes as copying and pasting to messenger in particular can avoid this situation.

As always, the speed and consistency of the updates is fantastic, keep up the good work.


On 7 Jun 2018, at 23:19, FlickType <> wrote:

- Added a "Welcome" tab
- Renamed "Type" tab to "Demo", and added an educational header.
- When running in demo, "Next keyboard" button is hidden and "Dismiss" button is always available.
- When running in demo, the hint for next keyboard is not announced.
- New setting to customize your emoji shortcuts. You can now choose up to 6 of your favorite or most-used emojis.
- Bumped version to 2.0