Great built with some questions...

Ed Worrell

Hello Kosta,

I am really enjoying this current built. The dismiss and next keyboard buttons are a great additions.

I do have a few questions. Most of the questions are probably considered request but here we go:

1. My low vision business partner was wondering if there would be any visual aspect to the keyboard in such as letters, key shapes? He is really intrigued by the keyboard. He was asking about low vision color schemes in the future

2. I am unable to get the 3d touch or hard press to capitalize letters to work on my iPhone ten. Is there a setting vinegar that I am missing?

3. Will we have a full emoji keyboard in FlickType in the future? I know you mentioned maybe we will get the ability to customize the one in the correction menu when you swipe up.👍

4. I really love the short cut options in the main FlickType keyboard app. Will we be seeing those in the keyboard extension in the future?

5. I would like to see phonetics added to the manual input keyboard. This would help greatly on the bottom row of the keyboard.
Thanks again for the great job with rebuilding the Fleksy experience and then some.


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