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Hi Kosta and List,

I like build 71 and the merging of FlickTyping and touch typing and the gestures used. The control center did pop up for me a couple of times when single finger swiping up and holding to change keyboards but now that I make sure I'm not near the bottom of the screen when swiping, this hasn't recurred. I prefer switching keyboards with the swipe up and hold gesture as opposed to dismissing FlickType with the swipe down and hold gesture simply because I like having access to the full iOS keyboard in case I want to change anything. Also, it is easier to get back to the FlickType system wide keyboard from the iOS keyboard. How does one do this if the keyboard is dismissed with the swipe down and hold gesture? I still haven't tested it thoroughly so may have more comments tomorrow.

I did note your comment below that there is no longer a spacebar and that to return to letters when in numbers or symbols, you enter a space. How do you enter a space in such a case? I touch near the bottom left of the screen when numbers and symbols are present to return to letters.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Alan Lemly

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- Merged touch typing and flick typing styles. There is no longer a spacebar, delete, style toggle or shift key when exploring the keyboard. If you are in numbers or symbols, entering a space will always return you to letters.
- Magic tap to toggle the primary layout, between letters and numbers.
- Single tap with two fingers to toggle the secondary layout. In letters, this switches between lowercase and uppercase. In numbers, it switches between numbers and symbols.
- Added emoji shortcuts ??. Flick right to enter a period, then flick up. These will be configurable in the future.
- Flick down and hold to dismiss, or up and hold for next keyboard.
- Flick right and hold for new line / return.
- Three finger tap and hold to read back.

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