Re: Build 71

Sharon Kim

Hey Benny,
No, you're not. That's just how it works.
There should be like a shift gesture though. Hmm, might be something
to consider.
anyways, yeah, hope this helps.

On 5/25/18, Benny Barber <rebelben@...> wrote:
I kind of wish that when entering upper case mode that you do not have to
toggle back to lower case. The 2 finger single tap seems to work as a caps
luck rather than a shift key. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


On May 24, 2018, at 7:17 PM, FlickType <@FlickType> wrote:

- Merged touch typing and flick typing styles. There is no longer a
spacebar, delete, style toggle or shift key when exploring the keyboard.
If you are in numbers or symbols, entering a space will always return you
to letters.
- Magic tap to toggle the primary layout, between letters and numbers.
- Single tap with two fingers to toggle the secondary layout. In letters,
this switches between lowercase and uppercase. In numbers, it switches
between numbers and symbols.
- Added emoji shortcuts 😎. Flick right to enter a period, then flick up.
These will be configurable in the future.
- Flick down and hold to dismiss, or up and hold for next keyboard.
- Flick right and hold for new line / return.
- Three finger tap and hold to read back.

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