Re: Build 71

Sharon Kim

There is a way.
If you do a magic tap that changes the next letter you will type to
upper or lower case. You just have to change it before you type the
Okay so, now that I've thoroughly tested the update, I've come back to
heap a bit of well deserved praise on you guys.
Everything is working amazingly. I honestly absolutely love it. Only
two things, as far as I can see, need to be fixed, then you guys will
be totally and absolutely golden to release this.
So here are the two things.
1. The flick up and hold gesture needs to be changed, as I mentioned
in my previous post. It won't pose a problem, if I flick up high
enough on my screen, but that is a bit finicky, so a change in that
would be sincerely appreciated.
2. I'm sure this is coming, and take your time, but a way to add words
to the dictionary within the custom keyboard would be marvelous.
that's it!!! Besides those two things, this is absolutely amazing.
I have absolutely no other criticism to give. I love the emote thing though.
I didn't see that coming, and am loving it.
Thank you guys so very much, this is truly amazing.

On 5/24/18, Salman Haider <> wrote:
I am liking this update thus far. Being able to switch to the iOS keyboard
again with a one hand gesture, entering a new line, all working well. One
question though:
how come there is no longer a way to capitalize letters while doing manual
text entry?
On May 24, 2018, at 8:17 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

- Merged touch typing and flick typing styles. There is no longer a
spacebar, delete, style toggle or shift key when exploring the keyboard. If
you are in numbers or symbols, entering a space will always return you to
- Magic tap to toggle the primary layout, between letters and numbers.
- Single tap with two fingers to toggle the secondary layout. In letters,
this switches between lowercase and uppercase. In numbers, it switches
between numbers and symbols.
- Added emoji shortcuts 😎. Flick right to enter a period, then flick up.
These will be configurable in the future.
- Flick down and hold to dismiss, or up and hold for next keyboard.
- Flick right and hold for new line / return.
- Three finger tap and hold to read back.

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