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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure what you described is my issue because the main FlickType app which I'm using to type this is working just fine. I don't use any other apps which use direct touch other than perhaps the Fleksy keyboard.

I'm hoping this is a bug that will be resolved. Kosta said that Ashley experienced a similar issue too.

I'll keep the list posted.

Alan Lemly

On May 20, 2018, at 6:50 PM, Chanelle Allen <> wrote:

Hi Alan and List,
Alan, it seems as if FlickType is acting for you as it did on my phone several builds ago when I inadvertently turned off direct touch. In my case, the FlickType keyboard and ap behaved as if touch typing was permanently enabled, but I couldn't really explore the keyboard with VoiceOver at the same time. It might be helpful for you to go into the FlickType app to determine if flick typing and touch typing are working as they should. If FlickType is not behaving correctly in the app, turning off VoiceOver and relying on whatever voice the app uses will cause FlickType to respond correctly to normal operation. Since that is not a permanent fix, there are a few things you might try. First, with FlickType on and VoiceOver enabled, try performing the rotor gesture. This might work better in the FlickType keyboard. If you can't change the rotor setting, try flicking up or down before typing. If that doesn't work (which it probably won't), do you have an accessible game that you play on your iDevice with VoiceOver? Some apps and games need to take over all or part of the functionality of VoiceOver, so developers enable direct touch, which allows their particular app gestures to pass through. If you think that you have another app that uses direct touch, try adjusting the rotor while in the app. Somehow, in all of my restoring/resetting activity, I was able to adjust direct touch in FlickType, but that is something normally not possible. Finally, if none of these options help, there is an option under Settings > General > Reset, which is called Reset All Settings. "Reset All Settings" puts everything back to default without erasing content and data. It's probably what I should have done before erasing my phone, but it needed a good restore. I cannot guarantee that Reset All Settings is the final answer. It didn't work for me, but I think that was due to iCloud attempting to restore my phone from a backup.
I hope that your FlickType issue isn't that complicated, and if it is, that I have been of some assistance.

On May 20, 2018, at 17:15, Alan Lemly <> wrote:

Hi Kosta?

The first time I went to the system wide keyboard with build 69 I was in FlickTyping mode which I believe is the default behavior. I then did a single finger tap and hold to switch to touch typing mode and I believe I've been in that mode ever since. Pressing on the button to the left of the spacebar which announces FlickTyping doesn't seem to change anything. That's about all I remember for purposes of trying to duplicate my issue.

Alan Lemly
On May 20, 2018, at 1:34 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Alan,

I believe you are experiencing a bug rather than the intended behavior. Ashley also got something like that last night. Do you have exact steps to reproduce by any chance? Does it always happen for you when trying to return to flick typing?

Also I understand that changing the behavior and gestures every few builds can be overwhelming, and even more so when there’s additional bugs to top it all off. Please bear with us while we figure things out together, smile!


On May 20, 2018, at 11:03, Alan Lemly <> wrote:

Hi Kosta,

I'm running iOS 11.3.1 on an iPhone 7 and I'm getting a strange result with this latest build. I have restarted my iPhone since getting this strange result but it continues. When I press and hold to go from FlickType to touch typing mode, I'm unable to return to FlickTyping mode. I've tried placing my finger on the style key to the left of the spacebar and though it announces FlickTyping, I still seem to be in touch typing mode. The odd thing is that the mode I'm in really seems to be sort of a hybrid mode because when I tap quickly to enter words as I do with the main app, they are being announced even though I know darned well I'm not hitting the correct keys. However, I'm still able to move across the keyboard and have individual letters announced. Maybe I'm not understanding what is presented and its operation when switching between FlickTyping and touch typing modes. Are all the keys such as spacebar, etc. that are present when touch typing also available when FlickTyping? I wouldn't have thought so but they seem to be with this hybrid mode I'm experiencing.

I also prefer the magic tap button to switch between FlickTyping and touch typing but I mainly just want a decision to be made so I can get to learning and using whatever it is provided it works as it should. I know the whole purpose of alpha and beta testing is to iron out the wrinkles but I'm finding it much easier just to type with the main app until the final system wide keyboard is released. It's starting to feel as if many have a different opinion of the ideal gesture to do the same thing which is fine but I expect I'll get about learning whatever is decided and I also expect your decision will more than likely be the best one.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments on the hybrid results I seem to be getting switching between FlickTyping and touch typing.

Alan Lemly

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- Allow the same long press gesture that triggers Touch Typing to continue the exploration, so you don't have to start a second press every time.
- Fix shift sometimes not being in the correct state upon entering Touch Typing mode.

Please continue providing as much feedback as possible, thank you all for being so awesome!

- Kosta

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