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Hi Kosta,

I'm running iOS 11.3.1 on an iPhone 7 and I'm getting a strange result with this latest build. I have restarted my iPhone since getting this strange result but it continues. When I press and hold to go from FlickType to touch typing mode, I'm unable to return to FlickTyping mode. I've tried placing my finger on the style key to the left of the spacebar and though it announces FlickTyping, I still seem to be in touch typing mode. The odd thing is that the mode I'm in really seems to be sort of a hybrid mode because when I tap quickly to enter words as I do with the main app, they are being announced even though I know darned well I'm not hitting the correct keys. However, I'm still able to move across the keyboard and have individual letters announced. Maybe I'm not understanding what is presented and its operation when switching between FlickTyping and touch typing modes. Are all the keys such as spacebar, etc. that are present when touch typing also available when FlickTyping? I wouldn't have thought so but they seem to be with this hybrid mode I'm experiencing.

I also prefer the magic tap button to switch between FlickTyping and touch typing but I mainly just want a decision to be made so I can get to learning and using whatever it is provided it works as it should. I know the whole purpose of alpha and beta testing is to iron out the wrinkles but I'm finding it much easier just to type with the main app until the final system wide keyboard is released. It's starting to feel as if many have a different opinion of the ideal gesture to do the same thing which is fine but I expect I'll get about learning whatever is decided and I also expect your decision will more than likely be the best one.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments on the hybrid results I seem to be getting switching between FlickTyping and touch typing.

Alan Lemly

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- Allow the same long press gesture that triggers Touch Typing to continue the exploration, so you don't have to start a second press every time.
- Fix shift sometimes not being in the correct state upon entering Touch Typing mode.

Please continue providing as much feedback as possible, thank you all for being so awesome!

- Kosta

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