Re: This may be a good time to start a pole.


I sent this earlier just as you posted the idea for the poll, but I think it's worth repeating here:

A half-screen option is probably doable, but currently presents many challenges due to the system VoiceOver announcements interfering with the FlickType announcements. You might remember that from the first builds of the manual typing where you had to change your VoiceOver typing feedback settings. This is not the case when the keyboard is fullscreen, simply because in that case FlickType does not change the contents of the underlying textfield until you dismiss it or switch to the next keyboard, so there are no system VoiceOver announcements to worry about. And we can't make FlickType only cover part of the screen with this workaround behavior, because then you'd notice that the text in the textfield is empty or entirely different from what FlickType is reporting, until you dismiss it or switch to the next keyboard. If you are willing to disable your VoiceOver word typing feedback, this could work, but I think most people would rather not have to change their VoiceOver settings. Perhaps when manual mode is fully developed we can revisit that, since you'd very rarely need to use the iOS keyboard in that case, and hence you might be ok with changing the typing feedback. There's also another possible workaround here, where as soon as you touch away from the half screen FlickType keyboard, we would immediately commit all changes to the textfield. But all this is opening a whole world of possible issues so for now we'll stick with the full screen mode until more things are in place and the full screen mode is more mature.


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