Re: Build 69


Salman: flick and hold gestures are coming soon. These are not built into the iOS APIs so I have to create my own, and that takes a bit of time, but once done it means that single and double flick and hold gestures of all 4 directions will be available to assign to actions as needed. I, too, would like to be able to switch to the iOS keyboard or dismiss the keyboard altogether with just one finger, so we will try that and see how it feels.

Ed, on using enter to activate the search function in search boxes: thank you for pointing that out. This only applies to single-line text fields where you cannot enter a new line, but I agree that it's still going to be very useful to be able to do that right from within FlickType. What happens after you enter a Return from FlickType will depend on the app, so for example on the App Store search field this will trigger the search and dismiss the keyboard, whereas in the mail app this will allow you to move from the recipient field to the subject field, and then to the message body field. The reason this is not currently working is because FlickType does not commit any changes to the underlying textfield until you dismiss it, for reasons I explained in my previous email. But I will investigate making an exception so that whenever you use the Return key or perform the future new line gesture, FlickType will automatically commit all changes to the textfield. VoiceOver will try to announce all the text in that case, but maybe that's not a big deal and I can also try to suppress that after a small delay.

Thank you all for the discussion, this has been a great thread. Please keep it coming, smile!


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