Re: Build 69

Ed Worrell

Hey Kosta

I remember the original Fleksy keyboard extension using enter to activate the search function in search boxes. Was this action developed by the Fleksy development team? I feel that the two finger double tap "Magic Tap" would be the best option for quickly changing keyboard modes. I like this as there really isn't any other gesture that could be inadvertently triggered at this point. There would not be any accidental mode switches. As far as the emojs are concerned I would love to see this in the future. I however don't like the touch typing method for activating the character's. This is the way iOS handled it. I correctly currently find myself avoiding the emoji keyboard as it is such a chore to find and activate the character I am looking for. If there was a way to simplify this in the future that would be great.

Again, thank you for the quick build updates, and keep up the great work!


On May 20, 2018, at 10:56 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Chuck: after dismissing and then returning to edit, the cursor should be where you expect it to be - if it isn't then that's a bug that will be fixed. There is another known issue when you go back to edit something and not being able to move the cursor past the current sentence boundary, but this issue is the same regardless of whether you previously dismissed the keyboard or switched to the iOS one, and could also be addressed in the future although it's not trivial.

Two finger tap and hold to switch to iOS is probably at the top of my list of gestures for that action.

Programmatically triggering the action button to send / search / go would be super nice, but unfortunately it's not possible today. iOS seems to have a very deliberate separation of concerns between the keyboard and the app, and being able to hit any application buttons rests solely on the app side, at least for 3rd-party developers. But hey, you never know. iOS 12 is right around the corner, and I can imagine that the above architectural decision made many years ago might be reconsidered at some point.

On a non-fullscreen version of the keyboard: this is probably doable, but currently presents many challenges due to the system VoiceOver announcements interfering with the FlickType announcements. You might remember that from the first builds of the manual typing. This is not the case when the keyboard is fullscreen, simply because in that case FlickType does not change the contents of the underlying textfield until you dismiss it or switch to the next keyboard, so there are no system VoiceOver announcements to worry about. And we can't make FlickType only cover part of the screen with this workaround behavior, because then you'd notice that the text in the textfield is empty or entirely different from what FlickType is reporting, until you dismiss it or switch to the next keyboard. If you are willing to disable your VoiceOver word typing feedback, this could work, but I think most people would rather not have to change their VoiceOver settings. Perhaps when manual mode is fully developed we can revisit that, since you'd very rarely need to use the iOS keyboard in that case, and hence you might be ok with changing the typing feedback. There's also another possible workaround here, where as soon as you touch away from the half screen FlickType keyboard, we would immediately commit all changes to the textfield. But all this is opening a whole world of possible issues so for now we'll stick with the full screen mode until more things are in place and the full screen mode is more mature.

On having some common symbols and perhaps numbers above the letters, this is definitely something I'm considering and may add soon.

On shaking to perform an action: I'd like to first exhaust all possible touch based gestures but it's an interesting one for less common actions.

On a gesture for new line: this could be a two finger flick down, but you might have noticed that we so far have not assigned the two finger up or down to any action. This is because we might want those two complementary gestures to perform something that is more of a cycling option, such as changing between letters symbols and emoji, or even something else entirely. Assigning one direction, down, to a new line might make it confusing when the opposite gesture does something entirely different. We are, however, exploring possible gestures to directly enter a new line, including some flick and hold gestures, and I'm still open to using the two finger flick down for that if we don't have another use for that gesture.


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