Re: Build 37 out to alpha

Chanelle Allen

I do not have an option in TestFlight to update to FlickType 0.1.37. I am currently using FlickType 0.1.35. Has anyone else not received the update? Perhaps I was invited to the alpha group without being invited to test alpha builds of FlickType.
While typing this message in FlickType and looking for numbers, I find that I am accidentally pressing an area where the menu is activated. I will need to look for punctuation further down on the keyboard since I invoke the menu when attempting to type a period. I am thinking of future FlickType users and wondering if activating the menu by tapping above the keyboard is a useful feature.
I am looking forward to testing more versions of FlickType.

On Apr 17, 2018, at 14:22, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you all for the feedback. A new build #38 is now out to alpha, which only includes a couple of small internal changes, hence I won't start a new topic. We are planning to release this to the beta group later today, while we still work on fixes and improvements for the next version. The web help page now has updated instructions, which should be very similar to what was in the app before.

I will respond to some of the additional feedback points in a separate message shortly.


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