Re: Build 37 out to alpha


Following up on some specific points folks have brought up. I would also like to take the opportunity and remind everyone that we would like to strike a good balance between polishing this standalone app and working on the new system-wide version of the keyboard. Many, perhaps most, of the current issues will not even exist at all as we are developing the system-wide version entirely from scratch.

We will consider re-assigning the 2 finger flick up and down gestures if the swipe of from the bottom edge of the screen is well-received. Thank you for the suggestions. We will likely add a setting for iPhone X users to disable the new gesture if they wish. We'd also love to hear more details about the conflict with the control center gesture.

The echo when typing some symbols or numbers is a known issue and should be fixed in a future release.

Manual entry of words that include symbols such as apostrophe, and adding those words to the dictionary is known to be broken, and quite tricky to fix with the current code.

Thank you all for testing and for your continued support.
- Kosta

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