Re: Build 68

Alex Hiironen

On a note regarding accuracy, I've noticed that the custom keyboard still seems a bit laggy. if I type reasonably fast, it misses almost all the letters. I need to crawl type to get things to show up properly.

Not complaining, just pointing it out.
As always thx Kosta and Ashley for a solid release nonetheless. A lot of potential here. :)


On May 19, 2018, at 2:46 PM, Chanelle Allen <> wrote:

Hi Dave and List,
I am having problems with typing accuracy today. Shorter words often take FlickType a few tries to guess, but even words that it gets right are taking some time to come up. A while back, I think that I also had a problem with the word "read." longer words are always easier for FlickType to guess. Sometimes, my problem is not spacing out my taps correctly, because I am more accustomed to the iOS keyboard occupying less of the screen. Aiming correctly requires more concentration though, and once I get going, the typing engine and I become less in sync. The feature that learns our particular typing habits will be a real time saver once it is developed.
It's interesting that Dabe's difficult FlickType words are being less troublesome today while I am experiencing more problems. For me, the words FlickType has difficulty guessing vary by day. Today, they are "guess" and "words. " Another reason I could be struggling a bit has to do with the fact that in other emails, I had to switch frequently to touch typing. The magic tap gesture for switching modes just made so much more sense to me, but soon the issue will be irrelevant.
Until Dave mentioned the subject, I did not want FlickType to attempt to guess or suggest words based on context. In the light of improving typing accuracy, I have changed my opinion. Anything that speeds up writing/typing is very welcome.

On May 19, 2018, at 12:34, David Nason <> wrote:

On a separate note, how are people finding the accuracy of the typing engine itself these days? I'm sure it's an ongoing part of the development.
For me, its mostly really good, but I do still sometimes run into frustrations. Long words are generally very successful, so long as I know how to spell the word.
I do still have some problems at times with shorter words, where of course there are far more possible words for the engine to recommend. In recent days for example, I recall trying to type the words "read" and "date", and for whatever reason, for the life of me, I could not get the engine to suggest them, even with multiple swipes down. But just now, I was able to type them just fine.
Some of this is clearly down to the user, but frustrating when it does happen. I wonder if there is scope for the engine, while still primarily making its recommendations based on the typing pattern, to have some level of context based predictions, like the iOS keyboard does, albeit implemented very differently.
On the whole I'm extremely happy with it though.

On 19 May 2018, at 17:31, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Btw to insert a new line using the custom keyboard, do a single tap and hold, which will open the touch typing keyboard, now find the return key in the bottom right corner and tap. Your new line will be entered, like this,

I just put in three new lines.
To go back to the custom keyboard, fine the style key, which is on the bottom, and is the second key from the left between the more numbers key and the space key.


On May 19, 2018, at 9:21 AM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hello Alex, you are indeed the lucky guy, as I tried to duplicate your problem, and could not.
I did notice the landscape lock, left, did not work in the custom keyboard. In other words, the setting had no effect on the custom keyboard. When I went back to the app, the keyboard was locked in landscape, left.
By guess is landscape lock is only in the app version.
I hope this helps,


On May 19, 2018, at 8:50 AM, Alex Hiironen <> wrote:

Hey Kosta and all, so far I am getting used to this new way of topping. However, there are two things still annoying me. First, I still can't get new lines to work in the custom keyboards. Second, I am still having issues with the main app just not showing up properly. I completely removed FlickType and waited days to install it again, no dice. I have my orientation set to landscape left and it's showing up in portrait of or only taking up the first half of the screen. When I open settings, it will eventually switch to landscape as it should appear. Is anyone else experience this issue, or am I the lucky guy for this bug? Cheers and as always thanks for such frequent updates.


On May 19, 2018, at 7:07 AM, Chanelle Allen <> wrote:

Hello Kosta, Ashley, and Group,
it's impressive that Kosta has gotten another FlickType release out to us so quickly. Thank you. Here are my initial thoughts.
The new flick gestures--especially the one to capitalize a letter are useful. Using FlickType touch typing to go back by character to ensure a word is capitalized or spelled correctly is convenient.
I preferred the magic tap gesture for switching between flick and touch typing modes. Frequently when touch typing, I accidentally press the "typing style" when intending to press space or the "more numbers" button. I might be in the minority, but for me, it would be nice to go back to having the magic tap gesture switch between modes. With time, I can become accustomed to anything though. I thought that FlickType was taking a while to come up with the right word for me in the flick typing mode, but I think that it is me just taking time to get warmed up to the keyboard. I will report back if I have further trouble.

On May 19, 2018, at 02:39, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you for the feedback, we always read all of your posts to the group, so please keep it coming. This is still work-in-progress, and eventually there will be a manual input mode similar to the main app.

Touch Typing related changes:
- Swapped magic tap and tap and hold gestures for changing keyboard or typing style. When Touch Typing, there is now a button to change back to Flick Typing. Note that upon entering Touch Typing, you will need to release your touch and tap again to start exploring. This is annoying but will be addressed soon.
- Added one and two finger flick gestures when Touch Typing. Flick left will delete the last character, flick right will add a space, flick up and down will change the current character's case. Two finger flick left or right will move the cursor by character.
- Fixed inverted shift state announcement bug
- Shift will automatically be selected and unselected as needed.
- Character echo will now respect the setting from the main app
- Added word echo


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