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Salman Haider

Kosta and Ashley,
I have to say, I am absolutely not a fan of the the magic tap
replacing the tap and hold gesture to return to the iOS keyboard.
Takes away the ability to perform a basic function with one hand.
Previously, where I could type and switch back and forth between the
two keyboards using only one hand, now there is absolutely no way for
me to return to the iOS keyboard if I want to review my text, or for
that matter, even send it by tapping the appropriate button.
I can understand that people may find the tap and hold gesture better
to switch to FlickType touch typing, and that's fine, it can be that
way (even though I personally prefer the tap and hold gesture).
However, I am not sure why another single finger gesture, like a swipe
up and hold for instance, couldn't have been used instead of the magic
tap to return to the iOS keyboard.
Personally, I am not at all a fan and I am really finding the magic
tap gesture to return to the iOS keyboard quite inconvenient.
I for one, definitely find a need to return to the iOS keyboard quite
Just my feedback on this change.


On 5/19/18, FlickType <> wrote:
Thank you for the feedback, we always read all of your posts to the group,
so please keep it coming. This is still work-in-progress, and eventually
there will be a manual input mode similar to the main app.

Touch Typing related changes:
- Swapped magic tap and tap and hold gestures for changing keyboard or
typing style. When Touch Typing, there is now a button to change back to
Flick Typing. Note that upon entering Touch Typing, you will need to release
your touch and tap again to start exploring. This is annoying but will be
addressed soon.
- Added one and two finger flick gestures when Touch Typing. Flick left will
delete the last character, flick right will add a space, flick up and down
will change the current character's case. Two finger flick left or right
will move the cursor by character.
- Fixed inverted shift state announcement bug
- Shift will automatically be selected and unselected as needed.
- Character echo will now respect the setting from the main app
- Added word echo


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