Re: Build 68


Wow, the speed at which you release each version never ceases to amaze me! I think you have addressed pretty much all of our moans from yesterday - the lack of a character echo is very welcome for me personally! The flick gestures in direct typing mode work very well for capitalisation and word completion in particular, and word announcement after flicking right works perfectly too. The shift key is sorted too, and it all feels as crisp as build 67 did. I did prefer the gesture to change between flick and touch modes instead of finding the button, but as you said your intention is to have a manual input method similar to the app so this won't be relevant long term anyway :)

With many thanks and appreciation as always for your hard work Kosta and Ashley.


On 19 May 2018, at 08:39, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you for the feedback, we always read all of your posts to the group, so please keep it coming. This is still work-in-progress, and eventually there will be a manual input mode similar to the main app.

Touch Typing related changes:
- Swapped magic tap and tap and hold gestures for changing keyboard or typing style. When Touch Typing, there is now a button to change back to Flick Typing. Note that upon entering Touch Typing, you will need to release your touch and tap again to start exploring. This is annoying but will be addressed soon.
- Added one and two finger flick gestures when Touch Typing. Flick left will delete the last character, flick right will add a space, flick up and down will change the current character's case. Two finger flick left or right will move the cursor by character.
- Fixed inverted shift state announcement bug
- Shift will automatically be selected and unselected as needed.
- Character echo will now respect the setting from the main app
- Added word echo


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