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Here are my comments on build 0.1-37:

1. I very much like the settings option to turn off the key echo when entering things manually and that it is turned off by default. Would it be possible to include a setting to turn off the echo when entering numbers manually on the numeric keypad that opens with a 2 finger swipe right? I find the echo when entering numbers to be very distracting.

2. Are you still planning on adding the ability to manually enter words containing apostrophes or hyphens so they can be added to the user dictionary? Now, when entering such words, only what is typed after the apostrophe or hyphen is spoken. I'm not sure what would be entered in the dictionary if you single finger swipe up after entering but my request is that the entire word which was typed be entered in the dictionary including what came before the apostrophe/hyphen. Maybe the real request is for FlickType to speak the entire word when swiping right, not just what comes after the special character.

3. I've noticed that the help tutorial section about using FlickType seems to have been re-written with less information. I didn't see any mention in the help of how to capitalize a letter when manually typing and think this used to be there. I thought a single finger swipe up after entering a letter would capitalize it but this must have changed with your implementation of accessing the FlickType menu with a single finger swipe up. A single finger swipe down will also capitalize a manually entered letter so could this be mentioned in the help?

4. When entering a word manually that is the first word in a sentence, FlickType automatically capitalizes the first letter entered but doesn't speak cap when announcing the entry. I thought in one of the previous builds it did announce capitalization when doing this. I think it would be nice for it to announce it if possible because I've had numerous entries where I single finger swiped to change the capitalization only to turn something already capitalized into lower case and then having to undo it.

5. If I get a notification at the top of the screen when entering text with FlickType, touching that notification still behaves as if Voiceover is turned off and the app associated with the notification launches without speaking anything or waiting for a double tap. And, since I have copy and clear on exit turned on, anything I have typed is lost.

I'm using an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.3.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: [FlickType-alpha] Build 37 out to alpha

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

In this release:

- Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to invoke the menu! This replaces the tap & hold gesture above the keyboard. The two finger flick up remains available but may be removed in the future.

- Added "Echo entered characters" setting. Off by default.

- Removed Facebook option from the Share sheet, as it did not work properly.

- Removed Copy option from the Share sheet. Please use the dedicated "Copy & Clear" option directly from the menu.

In the previous release:

- Attempt to fix lost feedback on tap & hold mode. Please let us know if the issue is fixed.

- Slightly reduced delay to enter tap & hold mode.

- Fixed tap & hold characters sometimes not being announced when releasing to enter them.

- Renamed some settings and added descriptions.

- Brought back the previous unduckable sound effect playback mode as a setting, on by default. Please test this & other sound settings as much as possible and report latency, volume or any other sound issues and feedback.

- Merged deletion feedback settings.

- Haptic setting now only appears on supported devices.

- Settings are now dismissible using the scrub / back gesture.

- Removed quick reply link setting as it caused confusion and was rarely used.

- Replaced menu options "Instructions", "We love feedback!", "Tell-a-friend" and "FlickType on the web" with a single "Help & Support" web redirect option.

- Two finger double tap when the menu is open, also known as "magic tap", will now select the "Export text" option.

- Use higher-quality voice (if available) when VoiceOver is disabled

- Updated dictionary

- Fixed crashes

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

Kosta & Ashley

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