Re: Build 67

Paul Sutton

Hi all, to be honest I don't mind performing a magic tap to perform manual entry. For he it's just like flicking to the iOS keyboard but only more easy. Of course it would be quicker to have manual entry on the FlickType screen but I wouldn't mind if that wasn't possible.

On 18 May 2018, at 18:50, Macster <> wrote:

I agree that having the symbols, numbers etc on the top row in the app is my preferred solution. This is probably partly down to pure habit though. I think using the two finger double tap is much better than going back to the standard keyboard for manual entry. Its quicker and feels more crisp. The problem I had before I took out the emoji keyboard was that the next keyboard button wasn't in the same place on that, it was slightly more to the left. But as an early first version, this works well I think, even if it wasn't the familiar layout I was expecting. I'm sure Kosta will be adding and amending it as we go on so I'm trying to look past my habits. My only gripe is the keyboard echo which drives me up the wall but I'm sure that's a relatively easy fix! A good weekend to one and all. Macky
On 18 May 2018, at 07:03, FlickType <> wrote:

This is the very first, and still quite experimental, version of the manual typing functionality. The approach we are taking is to start from the basics, and expand as we go. As a first step, we simply bring the Touch Typing style of the regular iOS keyboard right within FlickType, and make it fast and easy to toggle between Flick Typing and Touch Typing using the magic tap gesture. If you are not familiar, a magic tap is a double tap with two fingers, and is used to perform the so-called "most-intended" action, regardless of what element the VoiceOver cursor is currently focused on.

- You cannot yet use any flick gestures when Touch Typing, but you will be able to in the future.
- You can now enter a new line with the Return key, just like with the iOS keyboard. When you go back to Flick Typing, new lines will currently not be announced when moving the cursor.
- The voice feedback for entered characters does not have a different pitch.
- You can only switch to the iOS keyboard when Flick Typing.

As you can tell, this is very different from the way manual input works in the main app. We're doing this for a couple of reasons: One is to make it easier for new users to fall back to a familiar typing style when needed. Two, manually typing longer words should be easier and faster this way. We might not be there yet, but this is the reasoning behind the approach.

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