Re: Build 67

David Nason

I don't like to be negative and I fully understand that this is the first build with manual entry, but as of right now I'm with Ed and Chuck, in not being particularly a fan of the approach.
I don't see any real advantage to switching the mode with the magic tap versus just switching to the standard iOS keyboard. And in fact, I can do the latter with a one finger gesture. I much prefer the approach of the main app, with it all integrated into one. And perhaps that is the long term plan.
Regarding the manual entry itself, I have also been confused by how the shift key works, or announces itself.


On 18 May 2018, at 18:10, Ed Worrell <ed.worrell@...> wrote:

I really feel that this is a very big step backwards from the original keyboard app. The two finger double tap works as described, but it honestly feels like you are trying to reinvent the wheel here. I really am not sure why you simply can’t make the behavior mirror the FlickType app. This style of typing seems like there is way to many steps to manually insert a word. I really am not a fan of this method. The others are correct in it is snappy between keyboards: the gesture keyboard works, manual keyboard works, and the symbols keyboard works. I really wish it was more like the FlickType stand alone application as far as the functionality is concerned.


On May 18, 2018, at 9:24 AM, Sharon Kim <sharon.mi.kim22@...> wrote:

Okay so as of now, I'm a total fan of this newest update.
It makes it so much easier to manually type in a word, much easier
than switching between keyboards and all that.
I love it!!! yes, word echo after hitting space would indeed help, but
I'm sure there will be more changes to come. so far though, I just
have to say brilliant!!! Okay sorry for the raving, I'm done.

On 5/18/18, Benny Barber <rebelben@...> wrote:
Also, can we have word echo after a space?  Thanks.


On May 18, 2018, at 1:03 AM, FlickType <hello@...> wrote:

This is the very first, and still quite experimental, version of the
manual typing functionality. The approach we are taking is to start from
the basics, and expand as we go. As a first step, we simply bring the
Touch Typing style of the regular iOS keyboard right within FlickType, and
make it fast and easy to toggle between Flick Typing and Touch Typing
using the magic tap gesture. If you are not familiar, a magic tap is a
double tap with two fingers, and is used to perform the so-called
"most-intended" action, regardless of what element the VoiceOver cursor is
currently focused on.

- You cannot yet use any flick gestures when Touch Typing, but you will be
able to in the future.
- You can now enter a new line with the Return key, just like with the iOS
keyboard. When you go back to Flick Typing, new lines will currently not
be announced when moving the cursor.
- The voice feedback for entered characters does not have a different
- You can only switch to the iOS keyboard when Flick Typing.

As you can tell, this is very different from the way manual input works in
the main app. We're doing this for a couple of reasons: One is to make it
easier for new users to fall back to a familiar typing style when needed.
Two, manually typing longer words should be easier and faster this way. We
might not be there yet, but this is the reasoning behind the approach.

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