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So, maybe I should offer context. I am not a huge user of the app in its current state; I don't find it functional as a stand alone app but I try to provide feedback from the perspective one day soon the keyboard willb e a third party keyboard integrated into other apps.

All that said, I will say that I don't think either option is nominal, but I definitely am opposed to breaking built-in IOS gestures. I don't think that is a good user experience to break such a core gesture from working; at least previously, while you didn't get haptic feedback, it still worked. Furthermore, I must say with the best of intentions, even though I find the typing experience faster than the regular keyboard, both symptoms (new and old) would be core enough problems that I wouldn’t use the keyboard once we reach the point of a third party keyboard. Lastly, I will say that I believe that other apps that use direct touch (the blindfold games come to mind) the haptic feedback bug is present. My hope is developers are reporting this to Apple as a bug.


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Thank you Andrew, this is good feedback. Did you feel like you could previously distinguish between the home and app switcher gestures before ending your swipe up? Or did that not matter?
- Kosta

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