Re: Build 37 out to alpha


Hi guys,

Thank you so much for adding the option to turn off the keyboard echo for manually entering characters, and by having it off by default as well. I'm sure some people will like to have it on so it's nice to have the option available.

I wasn't sure when I read the note about the single flick up from the bottom to access the menu but I really like it. And as the two finger swipe up is normally the read from the top gesture, could this gesture also be used in a different way in future? Just a thought. And it also means I don't evoke the menu by mistake when I maybe press too high when going for the £ or whatever so this is a welcome change too. If I did bring up the menu in error however, the two options are copy and export text. Could there maybe be a resume typing or cancel option there too? There is cancel at the bottom of the export text sub menu of course so it's not a huge issue.

A small point regarding the orientation lock options. There is one for landscape left and one for landscape right, but there isn't one for portrait. Not sure it's totally necessary but but just another small suggestion.

Regarding the latency issue mentioned in previous posts - the only time I notice any latency at all is if, for example, I type 5 words then decide to start again so I start to swipe left more than 5 times, ie more than the number of words I've typed, then I get the no more text to delete message and the bump sound. Then when I begin typing again it sometimes doesn't feel quite as crisp as it did beforehand. Can anyone else confirm this?

Something I've just noticed whilst typing the previous paragraph - if I type any of the characters, symbols or numbers from the row above the keyboard then I still hear the keyboard echo, even with echo switched off.

Great job guys and these are minor bugs and I genuinely think the app is very nearly ready. :)


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