Re: Potential beta release, and other responses

Salman Haider

I have to say that I have gotten quite used to the one finger tap and
hold gesture to switch back to the iOS keyboard from FlickType. Being
able to perform all basic functions with one hand/one finger is
definitely paramount for me while using FlickType.

. Obviously, this gesture is going to be changed as manual text entry
gets added to the custom keyboard (as it should).
My question is, can we still have a one finger gesture to switch back
to the iOS keyboard? One that would not interfere with any other
actions or gestures.
A one finger swipe up and hold, or a one finger swipe down and hold
gesture (which in the main app brings up the menu), or, a one finger
double tap and hold, or a one finger triple tap and hold gesture.
In my opinion, incorporating the hold element in whatever gesture is
decided upon for switching keyboards, would be a good way to go about
For inserting a new line, I had suggested a one finger swipe right and
hold gesture. It is something that I believe was implemented in the
old Fleksy back in the day and it seemed to work quite well back then.
Again, something that would still be performed using one hand, and not
interfere with any of the other gestures/actions.
Just some thoughts/suggestions.


On 5/11/18, David Nason <> wrote:
So I've noticed over the last day or two that I often need to make two
attempts at the long press to switch keyboard. Has anyone else experienced
On 11 May 2018, at 19:31, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you all.

Build 65 just went out to the beta group, smile. Aside from any new urgent
issues that come up, the next big item is manual input within FlickType,
including entering new lines.

Stay tuned!


PS: The main app will always remain available, we will elaborate on that

Muhammad Salman Haider
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