Re: Build 37 out to alpha

Shinji Sakiyama

Hi all!
I’m Shinji.
All feature is fine.
Thank you heard work.


2018/04/17 午後4:45、FlickType <>のメール:

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

In this release:
- Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to invoke the menu! This replaces the tap & hold gesture above the keyboard. The two finger flick up remains available but may be removed in the future.
- Added "Echo entered characters" setting. Off by default.
- Removed Facebook option from the Share sheet, as it did not work properly.
- Removed Copy option from the Share sheet. Please use the dedicated "Copy & Clear" option directly from the menu.

In the previous release:
- Attempt to fix lost feedback on tap & hold mode. Please let us know if the issue is fixed.
- Slightly reduced delay to enter tap & hold mode.
- Fixed tap & hold characters sometimes not being announced when releasing to enter them.
- Renamed some settings and added descriptions.
- Brought back the previous unduckable sound effect playback mode as a setting, on by default. Please test this & other sound settings as much as possible and report latency, volume or any other sound issues and feedback.
- Merged deletion feedback settings.
- Haptic setting now only appears on supported devices.
- Settings are now dismissible using the scrub / back gesture.
- Removed quick reply link setting as it caused confusion and was rarely used.
- Replaced menu options "Instructions", "We love feedback!", "Tell-a-friend" and "FlickType on the web" with a single "Help & Support" web redirect option.
- Two finger double tap when the menu is open, also known as "magic tap", will now select the "Export text" option.
- Use higher-quality voice (if available) when VoiceOver is disabled
- Updated dictionary
- Fixed crashes

Please report all your feedback by replying to this topic. Thank you for testing FlickType!

Kosta & Ashley

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