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Chuck Dean

I totally agree with you.


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Well, maybe they won't be able to split it but I say whatever. How inconvenient is it really to have the main app installed even if someone doesn't intend to use it? It's not as if it will get in the way of the custom keyboard which will be accessed from a text input area like all other software keyboards. And I can't imagine that the main app uses much memory to be installed.


Alan Lemly


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Hi Allen,
I doubt that. When the fleksy keyboard was made to go system wide, they still required a app to do updates and it any kind of add-ons that may have been for sale as in app purchases.
Best thing to do is just make a folder and stick it in there and hide it someplace. I have a folder on my iPhone that I called junk drawer, it’s a bunch apps that I have on my phone that I might use some day, probably won’t, but I can just stick them all in there and not worry about them.




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If by stating that you hope the main app is removed when the custom keyboard is released you mean removed completely from the Apps Store, that seems sort of a selfish viewpoint. Just because you won't be using the main app doesn't mean others won't be. But maybe the main app and custom keyboard will be split into two separate apps and you'll be able to remove it from your own device.


Alan Lemly


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I just responded to the poll. My hope is when the custom keyboard is released that the application is removed. I see no use of having both around. The custom keyboard once complete will dominate use and I see no purpose of it. I use the custom keyboard ninety nine percent of the time and the other one percent I use the apple keyboard. I do not and have never have used the main application since the custom keyboard was released. In my opinion also it is harder to maintain two applications when only one is needed. This is my personal opinion bind you.

Sincerely,, mike 

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A new poll has been created:

We know there are still severe limitations with the custom keyboard, but we'd like to better understand exactly how useful it is for you in its current state.

So the burning question is: which do you use more, the custom keyboard or the main app?

1. The custom keyboard
2. The main app
3. About the same

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