Re: Build 36 is out to alpha


Hi guys. First things first, I think this is the most complete and the smoothest version yet so congratulations on a good job!

A few comments on the changes... Entering words manually certainly has a much more crisp feel and there is a definite upturn in responsiveness from press to character announcement. One small request though, could we have the option to turn off the character echo please? Announcing the letter as I type is a necessity but repeating it once I've lifted my finger is something I'm not keen on. Not a bug by any means, just personal preference. Even though I use touch typing in the standard keyboard I have the echo turned off.

I've gone through all the sound settings. I like the new marimba click sound and think I'll keep this on. As I use audio ducking by default, I noticed the clicks became more prominent with unduckable mode on as expected, but after changing between this and customizable I'm happy to report I couldn't notice any latency issues between the two. I did turn the clicks down from 60 to 40 with unduckable on but again, nothing more than personal preference there. I'm not a fan of the delete sound as it seems a bit loud /sharp, maybe this is simply due to its volume standing out from my preferred set up though. I prefer to use the change pitch for deleting, which works well with the standard Irish voice but lowers a bit too much with standard English Daniel voice which is on if VoiceOver is disabled. Is this just due to the slower speed and /or reduced quality of the non enhanced voice? A very minor issue regardless.

I'm keen to try the haptic feedback options but I'll do so on a friend's phone when the app is officially released as I'm running an SE.

I like being able to dismiss the settings with the two finger scrub and also going straight to the export text option with the two finger double tap in particular. Great uses of these gestures. Are there any plans to add a favourite contacts section for quick access? Maybe this is something the pinch gesture could be used for?

I've only been using the new build for an hour so I'll report back with anything else I notice as I go, but happy to report their have been no crashes or latency issues at all here.

Keep up the good work!


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