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Hi List,

I'm using an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.3.1. Build 1.1.-57 system wide keyboard is working well for me with my only comment is to agree with others that its predictive engine isn't as accurate as the main app. I've gotten no memory messages although my typing with the app is comprised mainly of short messages. I still don't think the system wide keyboard seems as quick as the main app.

Alan Lemly

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Build 57
I typed one journal entry with the custom keyboard, then the memory warning showed up and after typing two sentences would not go away. I am now using the App.

From the little I was able to type, I thought it performed well. The big white cursor is a little distracting, but I see its usefulness when moving the cursor. Perhaps if it was a different color, maybe blue or yellow. Maby a toggle for those who don�t want it.

After I typed my journal entry I accidentally closed the journal App instead of dismissing the keyboard. When I came back only the first line of type remained.


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